A Fifth-Grade Error

I think I remember this being covered in sixth grade.

“Has” has two meanings that come to mind:

  • Possessing something. He has a book.
  • Having an obligation. He has to read the book.

These two versions of “has” are pronounced differently.

  • The final “s” in the possession version is voiced. Like a “z.”
  • The final “s” in the obligation version is unvoiced, um, like an “s.”

This leads to kids sometimes trying to show the difference with spelling; hence today’s quote:

I came up with a new strip idea that pretty much hast to run today.

I can’t give you a useful link to the page, so I’ll just mention that the writer is John Kovalic, the cartoonist who writes and draws Dork Tower.

I don’t know whether he was being cute, not thinking, or he can’t spell. Since he’s a pro, I’m inclined to think it was deliberate.

But don’t you do it!