History Of Women’s Golf Apparels

Golf without any doubt is one of the most popular sports perhaps in your city, country and also in many other places in the country. It is known for testing the skill sets of the golf player apart from also testing their patience, perseverance and staying power. It is quite long and grueling and spread over a couple of days. Apart from the intricacies and skill sets associated with golf, the sport also is known for its flamboyance. The dresses that men and women wear during practice matches and also during the actual tournaments is a subject matter of discussion. In this article, we will be looking briefly at the history and evolution of this sport over the past many decades.

 The Initial Years And Decades

 During the initial phases of women’s golf (18th and 19th centuries) women were asked to wear Victorian golf dresses. These included crinolines, multiple petticoats, and bustles. These might have looked decent and in line with times those days, but these dresses were uncomfortable on the women. They did not give women the chance to engage in a free swing and this also impacted the net results and putting in more ways than one.

 The First Whiffs Of Fresh Change

 There are some articles on women’s golf dresses that talk about the role of Miss Isette Pearson in 1898. She brought about some radical changes in the way she dressed during golf matches and tournaments. She also seemingly had many affairs after her husband’s death. Her new approach to golf dresses is being talked about even today because it certainly was trend-setting apart from being radical.

 Miss Joyce Wethered

 Miss Joyce Wethered is credited with winning the British Ladies Amateur Championship four times during the period 1922 to 1929. She also won the English Ladies’ Championship five years a row from 1920 to 1924. She brought about some big changes in the way women wore golf dresses on the field. The hat she wore and the bottoms that exposed her knees were considered to be quite radical those days, but she was the one who perhaps was more concerned about the quality of golf she played rather than being bothered about what people were telling about her dresses.

 Miss Gloria Minoprio

 Though she adhered to the conventional dressing sense by covering the entire body on the golf course, her dresses were known to be comfortable. They did not hinder full and complete freeing of the arms for taking long shots. The way she protected the head during the winter season was also quite exciting at that point in time.

 The World Of Short-Sized Golf Dresses

 The changes in women’s golf dresses happened much slower when compared to men. It was only during the early 1970s that short skirts were allowed in the golfing arena for women. The Pants were also tight fitting and shorts also made a quiet appearance on the golf ground for women. The real changes happened perhaps around the year 2000. The skirt colors and the collar of the tops also changed. Though the skirts were short, care was taken to conceal the areas that mattered the most.

 Thus there have been quite a few changes that took place in the world of women’s golf dresses and today it is liberal according to many, though there does exist scope for improvement.