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Cabo without any doubt is one of the most important and fascinating tourist destinations in San Lucas, Mexico. The name often brings us memories of the best beaches, high fives, and swim-up bars, underwater sports and much more. Fishing without any doubt is one of the most important and popular attractions for any tourist and therefore it is quite common for many of them to look for the right Cabo all-inclusive fishing trips or the famous whale watching expeditions in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. Apart from Cabo you also should visit East Cape. Both these places are accessible easily from Los Cabos International Airport. They offer one of the most exciting fishing expeditions and that too in the famed waters that surround the tip of the famous Baja California Peninsula of California. It is, however, important that you choose the right fishing charter. With so many options being available, this is not easy, to say the least. While most of the fishing charter service provider in Cabo is almost the same, there could be a few things that could separate the grain from the chaff. You must be aware of the most important attributes that help you in choosing the right charter. We are sharing a few things that could help you in making the right choice.


We are putting this on top of the list for some specific reason. The fishing charter market in Cabo and surrounding areas is quite volatile. In such a situation, it makes much better sense for you to do some research, shop around and then choose the right fishing charter. You could save quite a few hundred dollars if you can bargain smartly and intelligently. There are dozens of Cabo San Lucas yacht charter companies and they indulge in a price war especially during the lean season. As far as the busy season is concerned, you must book well in advance if you wish to enjoy the best rates. Even then, check on the rates before you use the facilities because many charter companies go back on their contracted rates during busy and peak seasons.

Fuel Expenses

Fuel expenses have to be borne by the customers and the fuel cost will depend on the size of the boat and the capacity of the engine amongst other things. The quality of the boat must not be compromised in your quest for getting the best rates because of obvious reasons. The safety of you, your family members, and friends are of paramount importance and there cannot be any compromise on this.


 Finally, the fish charter you are going to undertake would depend on the quality of the captain and the crew that he has. This is because they are the ones who will guide you through the entire fish charter. You could be new to the place and therefore some bit of explanation might be required. This is where the captain and the crew could have a big role to play. They are capable of taking care of the comforts and well being of the passengers and this certainly makes a big difference in more ways than one.

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