Proper Golf Dresses For Women

Golf is without any doubt one of the most widely followed and played sports in your city, state, country and perhaps across the world. Both men and women are known for their amazing skills and control over the golf ball and the way in which they do their putting. Golf has moved on to higher levels in various other aspects too. Yes, we are talking about the way women dress on the golf ground. Golf dresses and other apparels for women have changed with time and therefore it would be interesting to have a look at the same over the next few lines. We are sure it will be an interesting piece of information for all those who are keen followers of women’s golf and also the way they dress on the ground. After all, any women athlete or sports person would certainly like to look very good beautiful on the golf ground and therefore dresses do have a very important and significant role to play.


 In most of the golf courses and ground, women are better off wearing blouses that come with sleeves. They also could go onto the ground with sleeveless blouses but with collars. However, when we look at tops for women golfers from the popularity perspective, there is no doubt that the polo-style shirt continues to be very much in demand. These polo shirts for women golfers come in a big variety of designs and colors. These include v-neck, button down and also zip-top variants. This is the same both for long and short sleeves. Apart from plain colors, man women golfers are keen on wearing polo shirts with stripes, floral designs, and various other patterns. Turtleneck tops are also extremely popular and have wide acceptance. However, most golf committees and organizations do not allow tank tops, halters, and t-shirts.

 Jackets And Sweaters

 Dressing in layers is quite common both for men and women golfers especially during the winter season. Wearing a sweater or vest sweater atop a turtleneck or polo shirt is one of the most common options on a cool day. Further, man women golfers are also comfortable wearing a light jacket, button-down shirt or wind shirt so that additional coverage is taken care of. Most golf organizers do not allow sweatshirts and denim jackets.


 Slacks are mostly worn by women on the golf course during fall or early spring. When the days are warmer, capris and other types of shorter slack, shorts, and crops are also okay with women and also the golf organizers. The shorter pants should at least be of knee length. There also is a growing demand for another type of bottoms known as Skorts. This is a combination of shorts and skirts. Sweats, athletic pants, and jeans are considered improper in most of the golf tournaments and even during practice sessions.

 Head Covering

 There is a need to protect the skin and also keep the sun out of the eyes. Therefore wearing a good visor or cap is advised during sunny days. These head covering apparels come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles and the options are simply many as far as women golfers are concerned.

 Shoes And Socks

 Golf shoes are a must almost on all golf courses. The spikes should be non-metal or should be soft. No-show or low socks are also permitted.