Can a Car Accident Aggravate Scoliosis ?

Yes, a car accident can aggravate scoliosis. If the accident is minor, chances are that it will not inflict any injury to your spine.


Scoliosis is a spinal disorder in which the curvature of the spine gets out of shape. It usually develops among children when they approach puberty and their bodies witness sudden and rapid growth. But scoliosis can happen at any age and there can be no known reason for this condition.


Car accidents involving spine injury are known to cause as well as aggravate pre-existing scoliosis. Can a Car Accident Aggravate Scoliosis? Yes, it can. That’s why you must see a doctor whenever you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Early diagnosis may help the doctor find a proper remedy for the problem and stop it from becoming a debilitating condition.


What is Scoliosis?


The spine is a very important part of the body as it provides cover to sensitive spinal cords. It is made up of vertebrae, discs, and cartilage. In Scoliosis, the spine gets out of shape and develops a curvature. In normal cases, the spine would be straight. In Scoliosis, it moves sideways at some point.


This distortion of the spine’s shape can be minor in the beginning but can become more prominent with time. With the spine moving to one side, it affects the way the lungs and heart works. Moreover, parts of the vertebrae, discs, and cartilage at the point of curvature start degenerating. Throughout this process, the patient can suffer from back pain, which can become excruciating at times.


How does a car accident affect Scoliosis?


If a person suffering from Scoliosis is involved in a car accident, there is a possibility that the spine has received some injury due to the impact of the accident. Here, you have a situation where the person was already having distortions, stress, and pain in the spine. The accident has brought more of these to the spine because of the fresh injury. This would certainly make the condition worse for a Scoliosis patient.


Given this, a scoliosis patient should take more care while driving. He can use gears in his seat that can absorb shocks and provide protection to the spine. Can a car accident aggravate scoliosis? As we said earlier, it can certainly worsen scoliosis.


What to do if a patient with scoliosis is involved in a car accident?


If a patient with scoliosis is involved in a car accident, he should report to the doctor immediately. Even if the accident was minor and injuries were insignificant, he should not avoid visiting a doctor. A simple X-ray can determine if the accident has brought new injuries to the spine or not.




When it comes to treatment, doctors try to limit and manage pain and prevent further distortion of the spine. In acute cases, even spinal surgery is conducted.

However, you may feel better with certain exercises. Chiropractic care is also believed to be effective in restoring the spine to its original place and relieving the pain.




Serious cases of scoliosis can severely limit the patient’s ability to move and work. If you think because of a car accident, your scoliosis has aggravated, you can take legal help and demand compensation from the party involved in the accident.

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