How to Use Online Media Monitoring Tools

In public relations, it is imperative to quantify the accomplishment of your campaigns, manage an emergency promptly, and tune in out for negative publicity. The entirety of this can be accomplished by viable media monitoring. Before the advent of the media monitoring devices, PR youngsters would need to manually follow topics that are presented in the media. This was a lengthy procedure. It included buying newspapers, tuning in to the radio, and staring at the TV broadcasts, searching for specific campaign coverage, customer or organization. After that media references were cut-out from the newspapers and pasted into a clippings-book. Sometimes, references were physically transcribed from a broadcast. However, in recent times there are available several online media monitoring tools that are used to track topics across print, track topics online, and then broadcast the media output. This blog provides useful insights on how to use online media monitoring tools.

Online Media Monitoring Tools

The procedure of manual media checking and estimating the effect of their PR endeavors was slow and full of errors. Fortunately for the PR business, there are many ways by which individuals consume information. THE modern PR industry publishes information in digital news platforms, it publishes information in the social media. This has lead to simpler strategies for media monitoring. Media monitoring in recent times involves automation, it involves proficiency in the clippings, other media-monitoring processes. Most organizations prefer having a computerized media-monitoring process set up. These involve the use of Google alerts, Google web searches, Hootsuite dashboard alerts. Also, organizations use media intelligence tools as well as related platforms to engage in media monitoring practice.

Popular Media Monitoring Tools and Their Use

 Following is a mention of some of the popular media monitoring tools and their uses:-


There are available many popular media monitoring devices. These include the Brand24. Brand24 is considered a robust and pocket-friendly tool. While using the tool, choose the type of monitoring you require. You have the choice to monitor your business or brand, your competition, or any topic/hashtags. Choose the right keywords while choosing the type of monitoring. The media monitoring tool collects all relevant information containing the keywords that you have provided, it commences the media-monitoring process. There are numerous advantages of using Brand24 as the media monitoring tool. For additional information regarding this visit relevant websites available online. Check online to know about the price of this premium media monitoring tool. If you are interested in using it then you can complete the purchase online.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free option in contrast to paid media monitoring devices. It won’t give you a similar degree of analysis as premium tools like Brand24, yet you’ll get a decent handle on how frequently your keyword is referenced on the web. Since there isn’t an analytics section in this tool, you won’t need to set up a project. You should simply type in the keyword you’d prefer to monitor. You get some recent mentions of the keyword to monitor. Google Alerts is a free alternative and it is used by businesses that don’t want to invest to do media monitoring.

Browsing the Web

There’s yet another method to do media monitoring. You can google the keywords you’re keen on and analyze the outcomes by hand. Web search is an affordable media monitoring technique.

This blog discusses in-depth about media monitoring practice, the common tools that are used to do such a process. It also discusses tips for doing media monitoring. For more information on this visit relevant resources online.


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