Two Unique Words

“Unique” means “one of a kind.” How can I have two unique words??? They are unique in different ways. First, the comic. It’s in the first panel:

“Tsk” is the only word in English that requires an intake of breath.

The other word, I can’t spell. In English no word starts with “ng.” French has the sound of a dog barking, “ngaf” But we don’t officially have that initial sound in English. Except when you’re being supercilious when someone approaches you and you say, ngyaas?” Usually we spell it “yass” but the version of the word I’m referring to here takes a bit of a runway to get off the ground.

Can you think of any unique words? Say so in the comments.

PS—Maybe “tsk” isn’t unique. If you were surprised by something horrible (such as a big spider on the bed, for instance) you might say “AAAH” with a big intake of breath. That word can go both ways. And maybe we can say “tsk” is still unique because it doesn’t have any vowels. Except when you’re trying to get someone’s attention quietly: psst.