Typographic Temperature Technicality

Did you know that you don’t use the degree sign when you write the wind chill?

Here’s the whole paragraph:

With the new [as of 2001] formula, Environment Canada began reporting wind chill as an index stripped of units, so that a calculated wind chill of, say, -30°C is communicated simply as -30. “The current index is expressed in temperature-like units because it is the format that was preferred by most Canadians,” says the agency. “However, since the wind chill index is not actually a real temperature but, rather, represents the feeling of cold on your skin, it is reported without the degree sign.”


So there you have it.

To make the degree sign, by the way, hold down the Alt key while you type 0176 on the numeric keypad. So 40° below, for example. On a Mac, it’s Option-Shift 8.