What Goes with “Mentor”?

Everybody knows what a mentor is. It’s a well-trusted usually older person who teaches and trains someone, and who generally has a close relationship with the person they’re mentoring.

Mentor was a fellow in Homer’s story The Odyssey. He instructed Odysseus before he left on his journey, and took care of the home castle while Odysseus was gone.

But what do you call the person who has a mentor? Not “student” that goes with “teacher.”

Maybe mentee? That’s what these guys think (it’s a good guess, but they’re wrong).

Mentors help their mentees to get back into work, find volunteering, apply to university or develop new skills, all whilst working on their own communication and leadership techniques.


The actual correct name of the person being mentored is protégé. Yup, from the French.

Betchya didn’t know that, huh?

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