Yesterday’s Difficult Article Has Some Things Right, Too

The article I criticized in the previous post has its share of good examples, too. The article is by Dan Geer from the Hoover Institute; it’s 20 pages of difficult reading about computer security, but it’s good if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s the sentence that a lot of people get wrong, but they don’t:

Per the present author’s definition, a state of security is the absence of unmitigatable surprisethere will always be surprises, but the heavy tails that accompany complexity mean that while most days will be better and better, some days will be worse than ever before seen.
It’s the first word. Lots of folks write “as per,” which is wrong. “Per” by itself is correct.
Here’s another one:
 Of late, we have come to center our strategy on employing algorithms to do what we cannot ourselves do, which is to protect us from other algorithms.
He said “center on” instead of “center around.” Good.
‘Nuff said.