A Word You Pretty Much Never Need

The word is “located.”

For example:

Some of the best shopping in Idaho isn’t found at big, chain stores. Rather, it is found in the small, local shops that seem to be a bit out of the way. That is certainly the case with The Gathering Place, a small Amish Store located in Bonners Ferry in northern Idaho.

Here it is again in the next paragraph:

The Gathering Place is actually a combination of three separate stores: The Bread Basket, Sharon’s Country Store, and the 3-Mile Produce Stand. These stores are all run by the same owners and located under one roof.


Delete the words in bold. Does the meaning of the sentence change? If not, delete them.

You can use the word as a transitive verb: “See whether you can locate Bonners Ferry on a map.”

Here’s a picture of the place. Might be worth the trip.

If you can locate Bonners Ferry on a map…