Abbreviations With Periods

Some abbreviations don’t have periods, such as “NASA.” And we pronounce it like a word. But some abbreviations are easily misunderstood without periods. For example, the abbreviation for “United States.” Without the periods, the U.S. might be treated as a pronoun. See below:

When I first saw this, I considered making it into a lesson about “we” and “us.” Then I read the whole sentence. Saying “U.S. diplomats” would have removed the ambiguity, wouldn’t it?

Periodize your abbreviations when you need to remove ambiguity!

A Word You Pretty Much Never Need

The word is “located.”

For example:

Some of the best shopping in Idaho isn’t found at big, chain stores. Rather, it is found in the small, local shops that seem to be a bit out of the way. That is certainly the case with The Gathering Place, a small Amish Store located in Bonners Ferry in northern Idaho.

Here it is again in the next paragraph:

The Gathering Place is actually a combination of three separate stores: The Bread Basket, Sharon’s Country Store, and the 3-Mile Produce Stand. These stores are all run by the same owners and located under one roof.

Delete the words in bold. Does the meaning of the sentence change? If not, delete them.

You can use the word as a transitive verb: “See whether you can locate Bonners Ferry on a map.”

Here’s a picture of the place. Might be worth the trip.

If you can locate Bonners Ferry on a map…

Missing Hyphen

I mention this every now and then, so I would have skipped this example, but I thought the article was interesting enough to bear mentioning.

Here’s the rule: When two words modify the same noun together, you hyphenate them, unless the first word is an adverb. It’s called a compound adjective.

The title of the article is “Why You Always Have Room for Pie.” Here’s a missing hyphen:

Imagine if your ancestors binged on buffalo meat and then stumbled across a patch of ripe berries — but everyone was too full to eat them. Skipping dessert in that scenario would mean missing out on a stash of important nutrients.
The mechanism that allows us to make room for dessert is called sensory specific satiety, which means that the body has different limits for different foods as a way to help ensure a balanced intake of nutrients. Barbara Rolls, a professor and the director of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Ingestive Behavior at Pennsylvania State University, has been studying sensory specific satiety since the early 1980s. (might have a paywall)

Technically, without the hyphen, the first word by itself modifies the second two. And here, “specific satiety” doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Here’s the picture that went with the article:

Tyler Comrie

An Example of Linguistic Change

On occasion we say (write) something like “go part way up the street” and it feels perfectly natural. We might also say something like “that’s only a part-way solution,” and that’s still okay. Now look at this sentence:

“There” in this case is Mars, specifically partway up the flank of Aeolis Mons, aka Mt. Sharp, the massive central peak in Gale Crater, where NASA’s Curiosity rover is still poking around.

This is a rather common change in English. We go from separate words, to hyphenated, to one word. (One of my favorite examples of this is the change from to-day to today.)

Anyway, this tendency to move toward single words is fairly common.

Here’s the picture that the sentence is about:

[Curiosity looks down Mt. Sharp. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech]

PS—Here’s a word that has finished the transition to one word, and the writer gets it wrong.

Maybe he split “shortcoming” to make a nicer line break; but then, he should have hyphenated it.

Facts You Must Know About Local Digital Marketing

With each passing day, the advertising industry is evolving in unexpected and new ways. Thankfully, it won’t be impossible for a business to keep up with the upcoming trends if you take a look at the research and studies being conducted from time to time. Right from consumer insights to making bold predictions about the future of the industry, studies on online marketing for small business is very effective in shaping the digital marketing agency of some of the most powerful brands in the world.

Understanding Local Online Marketing

he term local marketing refers to the marketing strategies targeting consumers within a specific radius of the geographical location of the business. It is also known by the name of local store marketing or neighborhood marketing. Internet marketing Oklahoma city for small business lets you hone the resources on a predetermined range of audience who responds to your advertisement and shop from your digital business.

The key to the success of the local online business lies in defining the persona of your consumers. With this process, you can better understand the demographics of your target audience along with their psychographic information. And you will be better equipped to pinpoint the zone where you channelize your local marketing energy.

Strategies For Online Marketing For Small Business

If local marketing seems to be the approach that you would want to apply to your business , here are some strategies. These will surely help in attracting new local clients for the business.

Ensure mobile-friendliness of your business – The fact that more than ½ of internet traffic over the world takes place on mobile devices is known to all. But are you aware that 61 percent of mobile users have high chances of contacting a local business if the latter is equipped with a mobile-friendly site? It is crucial for attracting new consumers, particularly local ones.

Mobile-friendly business sites can load effortlessly on a mobile device. Some of their common features include displaying larger texts, menus, form fields, and other useful buttons, which make it easy when you have to browse sites on the go. Before embarking on some local marketing strategies, the first thing you must ensure is that your business website is mobile-friendly. You can use the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool of Google to ensure the responsiveness of the site.

Localize the site – For localizing your business site, you will have to make the web content of your site pertinent to the local audience as well as your target customer base. And in this case, you will have to add location-based terms to the website. For instance, in place of dry cleaners, you should make your homepage read dry cleaners Nashville.

You should localize the web content wherever you see it relevant and keep up the consistency of the language among the digital advertisement, social media, and your website. For successful local internet marketing, you must add location pages to the business site. This is extremely crucial if you have more than one branch of your brick-and-mortar store. These pages will be extremely useful in publishing your business name, address, and other contact information.

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