Best Techniques To Remove Oxygen From Natural Gas

It can cause more problems if Oxygen is present in the flow of natural gas. It can cause problems by degrading the process of chemicals, transcending the meticulosity of the pipeline typically set at ten ppm, and increasing corrosion. Though these gas streams are immoderate, the X-O2 system can treat these gas systems to make them more efficient and profitable. If you want to know the ways of Oxygen Removal from Natural gas, we have some solutions. Get ready to know them! Read the article thoroughly.

Requirements for Oxygen Removal From Natural Gas

So you all now know that the presence of Oxygen in natural gas is dangerous because it can cause damage to processing equipment, and for that, you have to carry the cost of maintenance and replacement. Besides, Oxygen form sulfur in reaction with hydrogen sulfide.

Expert Insights

One will get it heavy to think of Oxygen removal from natural gas. It’s not only because technology and advancement are not available in the market but also because market opportunities are considered limited. Combined with the high cost of this national removal project and the lack of adequate means, the industry has yet to develop its skills and competencies.

BTU Rating

The oxygen removal from natural gas is a very important process that helps to improve the BTU rating of natural gas.

This process can get done by using a chemical reaction that removes oxygen from methane and creates carbon dioxide and water vapor. This process can get done in two different ways: thermal or catalytic.

The problem with this is that landfill gasses are not pure. They contain a lot of contaminants like methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other hydrocarbon gasses. These contaminants make it more difficult for companies to use them as fuel sources.

Landfill gas recovery

The technical costs of recovery of landfill gas are very much due to the high operational and maintenance costs. Landfill gas is composed of methane, which is a valuable resource that can be used as fuel for power plants or burned off to generate heat and electricity. For efficient operation, natural gas pipelines need to get mapped out to prevent potential problems down the road.

Few companies are providing catalyst-based systems so that the oxygen removal from natural gas can get done with ease.

Molecular Gate Process

A molecular gate or sieve process contains tiny pores of the exact size that separate gases based on their molecular size. It can remove water vapor and hydrogen sulfide removal from natural gas at once and makes it fit for human consumption.

Metal Treatment

The removal of oxygen from natural gas gets done by a process, metal treatment. This process uses metal salts like magnesium, zinc, and aluminum to remove the oxygen from the gas stream.

When we pass a hydrocarbon gas stream over a material that contains metal salts, the metals react with oxygen to produce water and metal oxides. The water is in liquid form and can get removed easily, while the metal oxides are insoluble in water. H2s removal from biogas


Here we are done with some of the best ways for Oxygen Removal from Natural Gas. We all know that it’s very tough to make it, but the mentioned method can help make the work sixty percent done.

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