All Benefits Associated with Call Tracking Software

With call track software users can track and record all the information from incoming calls like audio recordings and call source. Marketers and businesses can easily attribute phone calls to marketing channels driving them, like local SEO, pay-per-call, along with other offline and online marketing campaigns.

With call tracking software businesses can easily resolve different marketing concerns like lead attribution, keyword research and lead scoring. This also helps you in getting business opportunities based on the reviews by your leads.

How call tracking software helps businesses

Here are a few issues that can easily get tackled with call tracking:

Determining the marketing channels for driving calls – Tracking calls through campaign is among the best uses of a call tracking application. Without having integrated call tracking, it wouldn’t be possible to know about the amount of leads in the phone, but also which channels have made calls in the very first place.

Getting qualified leads – Features such as call transcribing and call recording in the call tracking software lets you analyze the calls for finding whether they’re available from qualified leads or not. With this you get the power of making necessary changes to the campaign.

Improving ROI and proving – Tracking features of call such as visitor level tracking, call recording and attribution of campaign let you track the performance of campaign and get insight about the campaigns that perform best.

Standard features with call tracking software

Many providers exist for call tracking software in the US, but all of them must have at least these features:

Dynamic number insert

This can be said as the backbone of call tracking. The feature dynamically swaps the phone numbers among all the called numbers for facilitating calls with certain sources. Dynamic phone number swapping also lets you track the incoming call source, like a marketing campaign or an advertisement.

Call recording

Call recording feature is vital to get quality assurance. The feature lets you know that the staff handles the customer calls professionally. It is also vital when coming to lead quality and the aforementioned call issue, letting you confirm that you’re driving qualified business leads.


Call tracking shouldn’t take place of the platform of current analytics, rather it must improve it. Call tracking software can seamlessly integrate with regular programs like Analytics, Google Ads, KISSmetrics, HubSpot and a lot more, providing you with a real picture of the marketing ROI.

Advanced call tracking software features

A few call tracking providers also offer additional features for speeding up business growth.

Call transcription

If you haven’t got enough time for listening to call recordings, you can try call transcription. The feature intelligently transcribes the call recordings to get insight about the conversations.

Visitor tracking

With visitor tracking, you get the advantage of selecting keywords flagged in calls. Let’s suppose, you released new product integration and you may flag name of the integrating software for making not of common questions that your customers have. This works well for product strategy and content optimization.

Call highlights

This can be compared with Automation Rules. The tool lets you tag common keywords in a call, and lets you get insight that you might have not expected. It lets you easily optimize all your campaign advertisements – especially for Google Ads.

Call tracker software can significantly change the way of working for small and large businesses that wish to get customer analysis. With behavior and caller demographics business use call tracking as a great edge over the competition and eventually gain more customers.