Concrete Cracks and Their Management

The long and deep opening in the concrete wall or compound occurs due to the action of wind, water, or others reasons. This is a very common and serious problem as it can cause damage to property and need to be fixed on time. These cracks widen with time when left unnoticed and can cause huge damage and tragedies. Every year this causes big damage to mega structures  and money loss.


Why, When, and Where they occur?


Cracks occur due to the natural phenomena of weathering. It is the process of breakdown of big rocks into small pieces when in day time the sun is nearest to the earth and straight sun rays fall on earth increasing the temperature high whereas the temperature drops dramatically at night. It causes expansion and contraction in the rocks and this process continues for a long time resulting in cracks in rocks. A similar process also makes cracks in concrete. In concrete when the moisture is absorbed and the temperature rises this is the main reason for cracks on the concrete wall or other places. Topographic conditions can also form huge cracks on the floor. Rapid fluctuation in temperature and moisture are the main cause of cracks. Cracks on a concrete floor can also be caused by a weak base and foundation.


Most cracks occur in winter but they can also occur in the summer and rainy season as well. Cracks can be formed naturally by natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides. These can be severely big and probably can’t be repaired. This makes the foundation weak and the cracks will become wider day by day. These types of cracks are irreparable anymore and the place will be unsafe as it can fall anytime.


How to fix concrete cracks?


There are various methods available to repair different types of cracks such as hairline crack, step crack, and many more. We can use epoxy to repair the cracks by just injecting the sealant directly into the crack or can use Portland cement. We cannot use concrete to repair a concrete crack as it will not stick on it. Other important methods are sticking, routing, drilling, and plugging. While we try to fix a crack, always remember that we need to hammer it so the weakened part will pop up and the epoxy mixture reaches every corner of it and tightens the crack. This can also be done with help of a drilling machine. With the development of technology, new techniques are introduced that reduce the probability of cracks. This includes specially designed resins mixed with the cement during construction to avoid it.


Where to go for concrete cracks repair in Oklahoma?


Some cracks can not be repaired at home and need experts to work on them. You need to go to the ok city and ask the professional for crack repair. You can search for the best concrete repair in Newcastle, OK, and share your problem about the crack in walls, basement, or anywhere you need to fix it.

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