Become A Stem Cell Donor – How to

Do you want to know how you can become a stem cell donor? If so, then do not worry, we will let you know.

A potential stem cell donor is the one whose age is between eighteen to fifty-five and is in good health. Anyone whose age is below eighteen can pre-register but he/she must be constantly living in the united kingdom.

But there are some criteria under which you can register for becoming a stem cell donor.  First, let us find out who cannot become a stem cell donor.

Who cannot become a stem cell donor?

1.A person whose weight is below 50kg/13lbs

The amount of blood cells that can be donated depends upon the weight of the respective donor. The people with more weight can donate more stem cells and people with less weight cannot donate much. It is important to maintain a minimum weight because if the number of transplanted cells is low, then the possibility of transplantation usually lessens. That is why low weight people are not allowed to donate stem cells.

  1. Obesity (BMI>40)

To register as a blood donor, a person must not be obese. He/she must have a BMI that is greater than 40. Whereas stem cell donation is not harmful to healthy people, but there are risks when the donor has pre-existing health disorders. Obesity is one of those risks.

  1. Mental Illness

The person donating the stem cell must be mentally healthy. Because if a mentally unhealthy person will donate, then this might add up to the burden.

Who can become a stem cell donor?

Well Controlled, stable, and High Blood Pressure

If a person has a well-controlled, stable, and high blood pressure, then he/she is eligible to donate the stem cells. The reason behind this is, stable blood pressure doesn’t affect the donation process. So, you can donate if you have any of such conditions.

Food Allergy or Hay Fever

If you have any of these allergies ( hay fever, food allergy, or drug allergy) then you can donate stem cells. But if you have Quinkcke’s Oedema or allergic shocks, then it is not recommended to donate stem cells.

Moreover, a person’s present or past allergic reactions can affect the stem cell donation process.

Mild Depression

Severe and mild depressive persons are eligible to donate the blood cells. But, if a person has a serious mental illness or he is depressed, then he/she is not at all eligible to donate the blood cells.

So, if the person is suffering from serious depressive conditions or mental illness, then it is not recommended for them to donate the stem cells. But all those people who are taking the treatments can donate.


So here’s the end. In this article, we have discussed the conditions to become a stem cell donor.  All the people whose age is between eighteen to fifty-five can donate the blood stem cells. But there are certain conditions that they should test before donating.

We hope you are now clear about the eligibility for donating blood cells.

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