Long Island Retirement Community – All You Need to Know

Long Island Retirement Community is a housing complex or residential community that is particularly designed for senior citizens. This community assist helps and guides the senior citizens who are unable to take care of themselves with the help of home care organizations.  Some of these communities encourage socialization and activities for the seniors. The retirement communities provide and relish seniors of their freedom from cooking, homeownership, housekeeping, and to-do list.

What is a retirement community?

A retirement community is also referred to as a senior living community, independent living, or senior housing. It is a housing arrangement that is particularly designed for seniors who are over 55 years old. This type of housing varies from a regular apartment to or regular independent home. This housing is favorable for seniors with easy to navigate, compact with no maintenance living space without any worries.

What does a retirement community offer?

A retirement community has the following key features:

  • Residents live in retirement communities independently yet safely with home care assistance.
  • Most of the communities provide activities, amenities, services, and assistance.
  • Some of the communities offer clubhouses and recreational centers for community activities and connecting with other seniors.
  • These communities encourage crafts, arts, education, holiday gatherings, or movie nights.
  • Some of the communities provide a fitness center, golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, interest groups, and other clubs.
  • Some other facilities that you will find in some communities are beauty salons, onsite spas, and barber salons.
  • The basic facilities of these communities include daily meals, laundry services, and basic housekeeping.
  • Some of the assisted living facilities in these communities are medical care, in-home help, and nursing assistance. However, these facilities have to be availed with an additional fee or separately as per requirement.

Retirement communities are known with the following names:

Retirement homes

  • Congregate care
  • Independent living
  • Senior co-housing
  • Senior living community
  • CCRC-Continuing care retirement community

Difference between a retirement community and other senior housing

The primary difference between the retirement community and other senior housing is the assistance level provided in their daily living. When you are looking for assistance round the clock and help with daily routine activities such as dressing, eating, medical assistance, or using the bathroom, other housing options have to be considered. These could be nursing homes/skilled nursing or assisted living.

Types of retirement homes

Subsidized or low-income retirement homes- US department of HUD-Housing and urban development has senior housing for low-income seniors.

Congregate care senior housing- These are communities limited to ages from 55 or 62 or over. Rental fee includes community services like transportation services, served meals, recreational programs, and a communal dining room.

Retirement communities- These are group housing or units that are limited to ages 55 or 62 years old. They are single-family homes, mobile homes, duplexes, condominiums, and townhouses. To purchase a unit, a monthly payment fee that covers the recreational center, clubhouse, or external maintenance services has to be paid.

CCRC-Continuing care retirement communities- They provide nursing home care to independent living home care in this community. This will help you or your loved one to maintain independence for the longest time with assisted living or move to a new environment for care.


Long Island Retirement Community offers independence with care. You will be having your living space but with some assistance or community help and care. You will be able to enjoy the activities and connections with other seniors in this community while enjoying your own living space.

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