All You Need to Know about Youth Art Programs

Most of us enjoy arts in various forms including paintings, music, visual art, and theater, etc. They not only bring joy and a new point of view for us but also make our world look more beautiful. But, are you aware that art programs can also help in the development of youth.

Impact of art programs on youth

It has been proved through various researches that positive skills and capabilities can be developed in teens when they are exposed to different forms of arts. They will be appreciated by their employers, and leaders due to their skills of collaboration, persistence, problem-solving, creative thinking, and motivation, etc. Several other studies have also revealed that the academic performance and confidence of the teenagers can also be improved by their exposure to art programs.

The fate of art programs for youth

When the budget of the schools gets tight then PreCollege art programs are the first to cut. In fact, schools focus on investing in science, math, English lessons and history than on drawing, theater, and music when they are facing financial constraints. Actually, the decisions of this type are taken by the school supporting the children from the low socio-economic background due to their financial problems. According to studies, due to minimum resources, the schools supporting at-risk and under-served youth cannot provide quality art programs for their young students, who need them the most.

Benefits of Arts programs for At-Risk Youth

A study conducted in 2012 has revealed that the young adults and teenagers with low financial and social background have shown better results in their academics, work opportunities and achieving career goals when they were involved in arts-related activities. According to the report published after this study, arts can provide various benefits to the youth-at-risk like:

Better academic results: Young adults and teenagers with low status in the socio-economic world have shown better results in their academics due to their deep involvement in arts than those who are least involved in this field. They not only got better grades but also got the opportunity to attain higher rates in college enrollments.

Higher goals in career: The career aspirations of the students with deep involvement in arts was also higher than those who had no background in the field of arts. Most of the socio-economically weak students who are deeply involved in arts can make their career as a professional like medicine, law, management or education as compared to those with little involvement in arts.

Better engagement in public: The youngsters with intensive experience in arts during their high school show better behavior in public than those who were not related to arts. Whether they are voting, volunteering or engaged in the local school of politics their behavior is supposed to be better than others.

A national-level study conducted on more than 25,000 students of high school it has been revealed that the students from weak socio-economic background have shown better motivation, empathy, and self-confidence than others due to their long involvement in youth art programs of various types including music, theater, and drawing, etc.

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