The love of comedy. That is what birthed The Brooklyn Comedy Company.

The Brainchild of Comedian Elon James White, The Brooklyn Comedy Company was created with the hopes of being perfect. Perfect in the sense that it was a great comedy show for all who attended and at the same time was great place for the comedians to hone their craft. Creating a space for the top comics to come work out their material, and at the same time giving Up and Comings a chance to perform and realize their full potential.

BcCo found its home with Ripple Bar, a trendy Prospect Heights bar known to nurture the neighborhoods burgeoning artist scene. Considered the next “Hot spot” of Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Comedy Company is at the heart of the night life renaissance. Comedy at it’s highest caliber. This is what BcCo represents.

Elon James reached out to his friends to help make the show a reality. Artist Extraordinaire Fahnon Bennett was tapped for his incredible illustration skills and his technological prowess. Marlon Hunter: Writer/Actor was asked to act as Talent Coordinator of the show. Rob Paravonian, Comic/Musician, who just took a break from running his own highly successful stand-up show, The Comedy Pro Shop, was tapped for his fresh ideas on comedy shows and sketch writing. And last, but not least, Daynelle K. Williams who keeps the show together through her levelheaded thinking process.