Liquidating Comedy Club Electronics

Disposing Of Our Old Electronics

liquidated sound equipmentTher will be some major upgrades in one of our performance halls in 2018. We are excited to announce that the outdated PA System and old electronics that our comedians were performing on will be liquidated and taken away. We are looking to hire an electronics recycler that will come in and break down the outdated PA System that includes an old mixing board, microphones, computer, amplifier, speakers, cabling, lighting, fog machine, and everything else we used for our evening productions. Ushering in the new year we will hire a local A/V company to come in and install the new electronic audio/visual equipment that we purchased from Sweetwater in September. 2018 will feature a slew of new hosts and comedians that will leave our audiences hunched over in laughter. One thing we are excited about is improving the quality of sound and the quality of recordings the new equipment will bring. Too often there is line noise that interferes with the recordings, requiring us to use a digital audio editor to clean it out before we push the recordings to the internet for sale. Our artists work very hard on their acts and the audience pays a premium to watch their routines, the least we can do is give them a venue that has quality electrical equipment that functions professionally and makes the experience one to remember. I am personally pleased with this decision by management to liquidate the old electronics and think it will increase the ticket sales in 2018. If you live in or around Brooklyn New York and want to enjoy an evening out for a drink and some entertainment then swing by and check out a show. Bring a friend, bring a date, but leave the laughing gas at home because we will provide you with 120 minutes of non-stop laughter and quality entertainment only like New York can! So spread the word that the outdated performance hall has been liquidated of its old audio/visual equipment and there is a whole new experience for everyone to enjoy. Also, please share this post with friends and family to help support local business, We appreciate your patronage in 2017 and look forward to making 2018 an even better year in comedy.

READ: Moving To Brooklyn From New Jersey

Moving To New Jersey

Moving From Brooklyn To New Jersey Ain’t  No Joke!

kearny-new-jersey-road-mapSo I wanted get this out there before I forget. I have done a lot of standup routines in and around Brooklyn over the years and have made some amazing friends. A close friend of mine recently made a move from Williamsburg to Kearny New Jersey where she will continue doing standup on the weekends while attending nursing school during the week.

She hired a moving company to transport her furniture and belongings so we didn’t have to drive a U-Haul truck for 45 minutes through the Newark-New Jersey City Turnpike. Traveling from Brooklyn to New Jersey  is stressful in itself, doing it in a moving truck is a nightmare!

We left a day early and took an alternate route north to hang out in Manhattan for the day. The comedy was non stop on that drive, we laughed and joked our way through the city, honking and flipping off every one that deserved a bird!

We stopped at the Gotham Comedy Club for one last standup routine before heading on over to Kearny. We laughed our tails off all night, it was such a great show!

gotham comedy club ny

The next morning we woke up early and continued our venture east, we had to get there before Bluebell Relocation got there with her furniture. We still had to unlock the doors of her new place and get it ready for the move in. When we got there the guys had arrived early and already started unloading the moving truck. They helped us get everything situated and even helped me fix the drawer I broke on her work desk.

It was a fun move, one I will remember for years to come. It felt like a scene from Thelma & Louise! We were two comedy bandits out on the open roads, we felt free, we had a laugh, and we got her moved into her new place safely.

I’ll miss that girl in Brooklyn, but now I have an excuse to visit Kearny! Moving is a serious business, and that move was No Joke ;^}

Do You Have Any Idea About The Facelift Procedure?

You will find a lot of people on earth who believe they understand what a facelift is. Most folks understand a facelift is a sort of a plastic surgery that is designed to eradicate wrinkles. By removing extra fat and tightening muscles the face this kind of plastic surgery works. This brings a youthful-looking look to someone. When folks get aged, they often have skins that are less springy particularly on the face. This can result in a sagging skin around the jaw line and the neck area. In such instances, a facelift will help tighten skin and ensure an improved look.

Most folks understand the fundamentals about a facelift but are you aware there are various kinds? Any of these kinds of facelift is the coronal forehead lift. It helps in removing the skin that is loose around jaw line and the neck region. A facelift may also call for an eyelid operation. This includes tightening your skin around the lower eyelids. So that you can ensure the eyes seem appealing it will include enhancing the top eyelids. This reveals because it helps to enhance the human face that eyelid surgery is a kind of facelift.

It’s essential to understand individuals who go for this sort of operation, to understand what facelift is. In the present world, a facelift is discussed which is affordable to many individuals. Facelift helps these individuals to have looks that are better than other people that haven’t had a facelift. Furthermore, facelift helps because it gives them a new look that is youthful the old folks to appreciate life. There are various processes which can be followed when doing a facelift. These processes help the surgeons to understand the process that’s suitable for each kind of facelift. A surgeon needs to contemplate the kind of facelift before choosing the facelift process needed for each customer. On the various facelift processes, comprehending what a facelift is will need knowledge in this connection.

A surgeon must examine various facets of a face and discuss with your client on the essential kind of facelift before doing a facelift. This will assist you to identify the suitable kind of facelift that may help to bring your client a fresh youthful look. Furthermore, it is going to also help to pick the best facelift process that may help to correct each individual region of the face. In this link, it’s important to comprehend what facelift is to be able to know how it will help bring the maturing individuals a fresh appearance that is youthful.

Discuss to see in case you are an excellent candidate for operation should you be trying to find more info about facelift procedure. Take a look at Dr. Sawan’s practice in Oklahoma City, OK if you are enthusiastic about facelift OKC procedure? Dr. Sawan has helped girls and many men with their aesthetic operations.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

No one thinks of air duct cleaning as among the care to dos for her or his heat unit. You will discover many reasons you should consider having business duct work and your house cleaned. The number one motive, hands down, is that it live in the home or can promote good health among the ones that work available.

Service from Air Duct Cleaning Edmond looks like its one of those matters which could be put off or ignored. No one can observe the interior of the ducts, so why problem. There is something to that old adage, particularly in regards to the inner workings of your home or business HVAC unit. But, in this scenario, your heating system could be working just fine. The issue being that it’s blowing oxygen which is cool and hot through ducts that have bacteria, dust and mold growing inside of them. It appears fatalistic, but that scenario is more common than you understand. After years and years of shoving against hot and chilly atmospheres through, tons of things can begin to develop. Moisture begin to grow mold and can accumulate. Dust can develop in the seams of the ducts and corners. Debris may lead to fungus and bacteria. As you can imagine, keeping the duct work clean can helps those who have trouble breathing. People who have asthma, by way of example, can tell immediately when there’s bacteria, mold or additional dust. They have breaths which are shorter and have more problem processing the oxygen. If you’ve got family members or customers it should be a priority to completely clean ducts in your house and business.

Mold can reap havoc physically. Some symptoms from mold exposure that is persistent are inexplicable exhaustion, running noses and headaches. These symptoms are a red flag for mold exposure and frequently results in more severe matters like pneumonia, migraines and chronic bronchitis. It actually is time to investigate the problem in the event you might be experiencing these symptoms on a regular basis as added time is spent by you indoors. Generally, it can function as the most significant part of customer or your family ’s well being and the efficacy of the unit.

Invisalign vs Braces – What’s Better?

Which will be the better option, metal or Invisalign braces? If you were to listen to me, I will say Invisalign is a much better choice for several reasons. It is a teeth-straightening process that is becoming popular every single day.

Invisalign is virtually imperceptible while alloy braces show the world which you’re straightening your teeth. It uses aligners which are put into the mouth with miniature plastic wires to ensure they do not reveal. You’d have no thought they were wearing them, if you don’t look really carefully at someone’s teeth. This can be an important reason why so a lot of people are picking these because it cuts down on the name and humiliation calling.

Like they do with conventional braces rather than fixing the metal, you devote another one in the show and really remove the aligner. This makes the process totally painless, which is another reason why this choice is so much more appealing. With conventional braces you’ve got to regularly clean them. In spite of this routine cleaning, it is not difficult for plaque and tartar to develop in difficult-to-reach places. There is simply no way to keep them totally clean. Aligners from Invisalign OKC orthodontist can be removed during other special occasions or when you eat. What this means is that one may keep the mouth area totally clean and make sure you do not have any accumulation everywhere in your mouth. The relaxation variable also raises.

Eventually, and this can be the greatest reason removable braces are not worse than braces and it works. This process gets results that are substantially better than metal braces for numerous reasons. To begin with, the 3D computer imaging enables the dentist to completely form your teeth. Another reason it works is the system is so versatile. With a smile that is better, you will feel an enormous increase in your confidence and people will actually see it.

Because there are plenty of folks out there who need to straighten their teeth but are scared to place the metal inside their mouth it is an excellent thing that removable braces have come along. This can be an excellent choice because it does it in a manner that is nearly undetectable and painless. Grownups face a blot that is serious about getting braces when they are thinking, which new system takes the stigma from it. Finally, you are able to have the upright smile you are dreaming of.

Foundation Repair In Tulsa To Manage All Water Issues

Openings are left to ensure that pipes could be put through it when a foundation is created by a company like Foundation Repair Tulsa. When conduits are provided through these regions. Excavating the region to get them is the only real means they are able to be washed. Home owners are always trying to find means that each square inch of living area could be understood. So, cellars are generally being changed into regions like bedrooms that were recreational. Many contractors agree that water leak may be difficulty that is serious plus they style them to not remain as wet as you possibly can. Occasionally a a foundation water problem vanishes following the system becomes practical and appears throughout building. Nevertheless, difficulties that are possible may exist, necessitating the requirement for a foundation repair Oklahoma professional as time goes on.

Insufficient drain close to the foundation walls might lead to large quantities of water leaking into the cellar through walls breaks, link openings and floor joins. An unsuccessful and very typical strategy finish the fracture using a sealer or is using concrete. Generally, flows will not cease. A more long lasting fix which is price successful entails drilling to the top so that you can fill the emptiness, and treating urethane foam. Yet another place by which water issues are available often is where partitions are penetrated by conduits that are within. Openings are left to ensure that pipes could be put through it when a foundation is created. Fragile gas concrete is normally used by the contractor to be able to shut opportunities when conduits are provided through these regions. Shaking in conduits as well as other variables, for that reason breaks it and frequently undermines the seal. This outcomes in the region beginning to drip.

It is essential to get rid of all of the dirt enclosing the foundation all-the-way to the footing to put in exterior water-proofing methods for example a foothold strain. The drain is subsequently installed following the region was excavated. But powerfully, that isn’t consistently a long term alternative to damp foundation problems. Regrettably, it will harm the foundation and may be dirty and costly. The purpose is that footing drains can very quickly become blocked. Excavating the region to get them is the only real means they are able to be washed.

Home owners have a few choices when it includes waterproofing their cellar. Even though there can be a few doctrines on the topic, the most effective answer would be to run the required investigation prior to investing in any alternative that is suggested. To get cellar leak that is serious, it is usually recommended to truly have a cellar that was specialist fix. Tulsa foundation repair specialist make suggestions and scrutinize the location carefully. They possess the required equipment and expertise to seal cellars efficiently and forever.

Get Your Affairs in Order!

The rule of thumb in writing is that you should put modifiers as close as possible to what they modify. If you don’t, you end up with a sentence that your readers have to figure out. Here’s an example:

The project tells the story of how water shapes the planet using aerial photography to deliver a series of stunning images that sit on the border between abstract art and documentary realism.

Wait! The water uses aerial photography??? That’s what the sentence says. You get a little jolt reading the sentence, don’t you? Here’s what the writer actually means:

The project uses aerial photography to tell the story of how water shapes the planet, delivering a series of stunning images that sit on the border between abstract art and documentary realism.

Both sentences are grammatical, but now the flow is better. A serious intellectual problem to decipher the sentence? No. Most anyone should be able to figure out what the writer means. But here’s the rule:

Bad writing must never be justified with the excuse that the reader will figure it out.

PS—Here’s one of the pictures:

(Credit: by @Milan Radisics)

An Unnecessary Modifier

Two, actually.

I refer to the modifier “sort of.” Here’s an example from a science type who wants to be chatty and informal:

Muons are sort of like extra-heavy electrons.

I clearly remember Mrs. Clemens telling us in sixth grade that “sort of” was poor English—we should use “rather,” which would change that sentence to

Muons are rather like extra-heavy electrons.

Sounds a little bit stiff and formal. But even that “rather” is unnecessary! Try this on for size:

Muons are like extra-heavy electrons.

Says the same thing as the other sentences, doesn’t it? And it’s simpler, more direct, and has more punch.

Remember the rule about conciseness:

If you can leave out a word without changing the meaning, leave it out.

A Little History I Had Forgotten

Over the years I’ve mentioned all four of these incorrect rules, both in the classroom and on this blog. Use the search box in the upper right to find several mentions of each bad rule.

What English language rules are incorrect?

Never split an infinitive
Never end a sentence with a preposition
Never use a double negative
The pronouns “them” and “they” are always plural, never singular

I had forgotten the source of these rules. I think he was mentioned once in my sophomore English class. But I have long known that these rules were bad. Anyway, here’s an essay from Quora on the subject. It was written by Franklin Veaux, published author and compulsive writer. Thank you, sir, for the reminder.

All four of these rules were made up by one person, Bishop Robert Lowth.

Lowth was a religious scholar who was obsessed with the “purity” and perfection of Latin. He had a big-time fetish for Latin grammar. He considered Latin the ideal language, and believed that English should be more like Latin.

In 1762, he published a book on English grammar that made up a whole bunch of new rules, including the four above. His sole rationale for many of these rules was simply to try to force English grammar to be closer to Latin grammar.

Those rules had never been part of English until he made them up, and outside of prescriptivist grammar taught in school, they never caught on. Today, English grammar experts have largely abandoned teaching any of them.

Correct but Tricky; Therefore Not Good

I ran into a sentence that’s easy to misunderstand even though it’s written “correctly.”

Here’s the sentence:

Ocean temperatures are also much less variable than surface temperatures, which can swing greatly from year to year, and therefore give a clearer signal of global warming.

What is the subject of “gives the clearer signal of global warming”? Is it surface temperatures or ocean temperatures? Put another way, what does the “therefore” refer to, the “swing greatly” or the “much less variable”?

“Surface temperatures” and “swing greatly” are both closer to the “therefore give,” so that’s what the clause should refer to, right? Nope!

I think the writer of this article, Nicholas Kusnetz, (and maybe his editor) are so familiar with the mechanics of the topic that they assumed the readers would already know that the more stable temperatures are better indicators of change.

They expected the readers to jump over two wrong answers to get to the correct reference, a serious mental jolt. Mental jolts are not good. The sentence should have ended:

… and therefore ocean temperatures give a clearer signal of global warming.

Now the reader can’t get it wrong. And that’s how you should write!

PS—I like to include pictures in this blog when I can, so here’s one from the article. Notice that it describes ocean temps, not air temps.:

Snow Mermaid

This has nothing to do with grammar or writing. Recently I got some interest in my wife’s snow sculpture of a mermaid, and I want to post it somewhere people can see it, so here it is.

Job-Hunting Document

In England they call it a Curriculum Vitae (pronounced “veetah”). In the US we call it a résumé, and that’s how it’s spelled. As in this comic, even though the guy has his priorities wrong:

Don’t spell it like this. Second panel:

“Resume” is when you start up again after stopping something. To get that accented “e,” hold down the Alt key while you type 0233 on the numeric keypad.

Maybe I should write a post containing some résumé-writing tips. Interested?


Also called “conciseness.” That’s the older (but still permitted) word up there in the title.

Anyway, the comic says it all: Take out unnecessary words!

“Nuff said.


I haven’t mentioned this in a while, maybe never: A certain reflexive pronoun is usually a pretentiousism. That word is myself.

Reflexive pronouns are for when you already mentioned the word earlier in the sentence, such as

We did it ourselves.
I baked the cake myself.
You can make your bed yourself.

About the only one people get wrong is “myself.” We don’t say, “Yourself can make the bed.” Here’s an example of how we do it wrong:

Remember Heathkits? The better part of 50 years ago the company had a store here in Maryland, which merited many pilgrimages from myself and my nerdy friends.

Sorry, he didn’t mention himself earlier in the sentence, so the sentence should be:

The better part of 50 years ago the company had a store here in Maryland, which merited many pilgrimages from meand my nerdy friends.

Don’t you be pretentious!

What Headlines Aren’t

They aren’t expository writing! Even though people treat them as if they were. Headlines are marcom (marketing communications). We tech writers say that all marcom people are insane, and it’s true!

I’ve been meaning to write a post about headlines, and I ran into this comic on the subject , so here’s the post. First the comic:

Bizarro - 01/06/2019

Okay, here are several headlines on one topic in the rather uncontroversial field of astronomy:

  • Our Galaxy is Destined for a Head-on Collision
  • Galaxy collision to send solar system flying?
  • Galactic collision could wake up Milky Way’s dormant black hole
  • Black hole in middle of Milky Way could grow TENFOLD, scientists predict HUGE space crash
  • Our Milky Way to Face Double-KO Punch in Two Galactic Collisions – Astronomers
  • The Milky Way Could Crash Into Another Galaxy Billions of Years Earlier Than Predicted
  • Catastrophic Galactic Collision Could Send Solar System Flying into Space

The actual topic sentence should be something like “Astronomers have recently increased their precision regarding the movement of the Large Magellanic Cloud.”

We are not in danger—the event is more than a billion years from now. Are the headlines true? Well, they’re all about side issues, not the main topic. Literally true, perhaps, but misleading!

A lot of us read only headlines, and for every topic I’ve checked into— politics, energy, global warming, environment, economics, private lives of famous people, you name it—both sides (all sides?) frequently distort what’s going on either to get you to click, or to convince you of their position if you don’t read in depth.

And don’t get me started on checking the source of the headline…

Here’s the rule:

Don’t trust headlines!

A Matter of Style

We have four kinds of horizontal lines in English typography. Everybody knows about the hyphen; you even have two keys for it on your keyboard, the minus key, and up toward the right end of the top row of keys. Speaking of that key, the slightly longer horizontal line above the hyphen is, counterintuitively, the underscore character. (If you want the underscore under letters, you have to use the underscore font style, Ctrl-u in MS Word.)

You might or might not know about the other two horizontal lines, the N-dash and the M-dash. (Alt-0150 and Alt-0151 respectively. Hold down the Alt key while you type the digits on the numeric keypad.)

  • Use the N-dash to show a range; your work hours are 9–5, for example.
  • Use the M-dash to show a break in thought. It’s like a strong parenthesis.

And here we come to the matter of style:

Don’t put spaces around your dashes.

Those spaces waste space. Here’s an otherwise good sentence with those bad spaces:

That year — 2014 — three young quantum gravity researchers came to an astonishing realization.

Yes, you can insert the spaces, but don’t.

PS— I just ran into an alternative to the M-dash in a place where I’m not used to seeing it: Professional writing. That alternative is two hyphens. Typing two hyphens is okay for casual writing, say, on a typewriter, but not in an ezine article. I suspect his editor was asleep n the job. Here’s the sentence:

Hope you stayed up late watching West Coast basketball (and/or the Masked Singer premiere) last night — otherwise you might’ve missed the quasi-surprise drop of this April’s entire Coachella lineup at 11:28 p.m. ET.

Don’t do that, either.