Marketingese. Is that a word? I hope so, because this post is about a sample of it. This is a style of writing that I don’t much like. I write to explain things, not encourage fantasy. Here’s what I’m talking about:

The front of the plaid packet said UPTAPPED: ALL NATURAL ENERGY. The marketing copy said, “For too long athletic nutrition has been sweetened with cheap synthetic sugars. The simplicity of endurance sports deserves a simple ingredient — 100% pure, unadulterated, organic […] the all-natural, low glycemic-index sports fuel.”

This was the label on a packet of maple syrup.

That’s a quote from an article in that speaks ill of business talk aka corporate-speak, made-up words and new metaphors common in corporate culture. (The writer of the article calls these expressions, among other things, “usage peeves.”) It’s a fun read if you like good language and dislike certain neologisms: Why do corporations speak the way they do? I could pull a lot of quotes from the article, and they’d fit comfortably on this website, but I’ll settle for this.

Read the article and pick your own favorite examples of non-expository language.

Okay, here’s the picture that goes with the article:

Choosing The Right Type Of Stained Concrete

Concrete, as you may already know, is a very durable and popular material for construction. It is strong enough to build an entire building, make flooring, create countertops etc. Though it is durable and sturdy, it is a great absorbent. Hence, it can turn into any color your desire to. If you are bored with the normal concrete or the traditional concrete, then you can definitely choose the stained concrete in Edmond OK. This can help you to get the concrete benefits with a new and enhanced look. The stained concretes can make your house look aesthetically more versatile and beautiful. But before you choose the stained concretes, you need to know the types of staining.

Choosing the right stained concrete

Here are the different types of stains available for staining the concrete. These are:

  1. Acid stains

The acid can react with the concrete surface. Hence, the staining caused due to acidic reaction is permanent. But you can protect the color by covering it with a sealer. Though it is one of the best choices, it comes with a drawback too. The downside of this is that the color options are limited only the earthy tones. The diluted acid stains can also bring some amazing effects to the color.

  1. Acetone dyes

Most of the dyes that are acetone-based come in the powdered form. They are great for staining purposes and are used on the concrete. They come in varieties of color options. But these acetone-based dyes are used for staining the concrete that are mainly used indoor. They can be used for creating beautiful patterns and you can select this type of staining to get more précised designs and details.

  1. Water-based stains

You will be surprised to hear that the staining is also done with the help of water. But these water-based stains are mainly paint designed in such a way that it can bond well with the concrete. This type of staining does quite well for the outdoor settings. So, if you are looking for the stained concrete in your patio, lawn or driveways, then this type of staining is ideal for you.

These are main types of staining that you will get for your concrete. Depending on the requirements and needs, you need to choose the right type of stained concrete. First, you have to determine the place where you want to install these stained concretes. Once you have decided the place, it will be easier for you to determine the exact type.


Though the stained concretes look amazing in every part of the house, you need to know and understand the texture and style can differ. As the staining is done using different techniques, the staining can differ from one concrete to another. There are a number of factors that play their parts during the staining process. So, you need to know that the staining will never be even and that is the uniqueness or beauty of the stained concrete. But you need to ensure that you are choosing the best service for getting the best quality stained concrete work in OKC.

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How To Find The Best Roofing Contractors?

Roof is the most important part of your house. It provides us with the shelter from the sun, rain, wind and snow. Hence, it is very important for us to make sure that the roof is durable and perfect. With the help of best roofing contractor, you can definitely get the best roofing solution. But the catch is that you have to choose the best roofing contractor for construction and installation of your roof. Be it for residential purposes or for commercial, you need to choose the best contractor for your roof. We have jotted down some of the most important tips for you to find the best roofing contractor in Oklahoma City.

Tip 1: Look at the experience

It is very important to look at the experience of the contractor when hiring them. A well-experienced contractor can provide you with the best service. They have better knowledge about the climate of the local area and how the roof can last longer. You need to have someone who has knowledge as well as optimum expertise regarding the roofing. Who else can have it better than a well-experienced roofing contractor?

Tip 2: Quality materials

When you are choosing one of the best roofing contractors, the main thing that you have to notice or consider is to find someone providing best quality materials. It is very important because the quality of the material determines the longevity of the roof and how long it will last. You need to make sure that you are choosing a reputed roofing contractor who uses the best and most efficient quality materials for construction of the roof.

Tip 3: Insured and licensed

One of the most important things that you have to consider is the insurance and license of the roofing contractors. You need to check whether or not the roofing contractors have valid license. You have to check if the license number is valid and is genuine. This much background check is very important for your safety. You also have to check if they are insured. This will ensure that any damages or losses that you incur during the roofing construction are covered by the contractor.

Tip 4: Ask for referrals

One of the best ways to find the best roofing contractor is to ask for the referrals. You can ask for the recommendations or referrals from the people who have presently got their roofing done. If any of your friends or family members has recently done their roof and you are very happy with the result, then you can ask them for the referrals. But no matter who refers you with a roofing contractor, you need to do your own research.


These are some of the important and essential tips that you have to keep in mind when you are looking for one of the best roofing contractors in Edmond. You need to understand that the roof is the most essential part of your house and it has to be perfect. You can check more about the contractors from BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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One of my Favorite Pet Peeves

English has a long history of verbing nouns, meaning using a noun as a verb. (Look up “verbing” in the search box) but in at least some cases, we curmudgeons take a while to get used to the construction. “Office,” for example, is a pretty tough verb for us to swallow. First panel:

Do you have a pet grammar peeve? Share in the comments. Maybe I’ll post about it.

PS—The next day’s comic. First panel again.

Someone I Promise Never to Be

—in person anyway. On this site I do it all the time.

I don’t do it when you write to me, either. Unless you ask. Aren’t you glad?

Tips for Identifying & Removing Hydrogen Sulfide

Those who understand hydrogen sulfide must be aware that it is a byproduct of many types of manufacturing and other such processes. It can also be considered as an unavoidable nuisance. However, it must be kept as a nuisance and if it not treated and handled carefully it could lead to several unwanted problems. Though the side effects are mild and manageable when the contamination levels are low, things could turn messy if the levels of contamination go beyond a certain level. At the same time, we cannot completely do away with hydrogen sulfide because it is a byproduct of many manufacturing processes and is also available naturally. A planed and focused approach is the best way to handle this problem and this is what we will be learning over the next few lines so that both hydrogen sulfide and human beings can coexist without causing any damage to men who are at work, or those who come in touch with it and other stakeholders.

Identifying The Source

The first foremost thing is to evaluate the levels of exposure and find out if hydrogen sulfide is present. If it is present, get to know about the levels of contamination. This is measured by PPM or parts per million. However, at times, the exposure cannot be eliminated and in such cases, the best way forward will be to control exposures. This can be done by various methods. They use engineering controls as the next best option. Further, administrative controls could also be considered as a way forward to get rid of excess contamination of hydrogen sulfide gas removal. The use of PPE or personal protective equipment is critical especially for workers and other stakeholders who come in contact with hydrogen sulfide regularly because total elimination may never be possible.

Evaluating of Exposure

The next step is to identifying the processes that may be contributing to the production of hydrogen sulfide or could be releasing them beyond permissible levels. There also could be fire and explosion risks that should be prevented and this is possible only when a proper evaluation is done. Regular testing of the air for hydrogen sulfide scavengers could help solve this problem. There are professional ways of doing it and this includes Job Hazard Analysis for such purposes.

Other Ways to Overcome The Problem

Apart from the above, there are other ways and means by which the problem can be reduced quite significantly. Proper use of ventilation and exhaust systems in the workplaces, refining factories, and other such places is of paramount importance. However, you must make sure that the ventilation systems are properly planned and executed. They should be grounded, and they are non-sparking in nature. Further, they should be corrosion resistant and explosion-proof. It is also important to separate the ventilation systems from other systems so that there is no risk of overlapping.

Training of workers constantly is perhaps one of the best ways to eradicate the risk of hydrogen sulfide contamination significantly.


Since the dangers associated with hydrogen sulfide are real and it could be lurking around the corner, there is a need to have it remedied without even a moment’s delay.

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Something Published, Something Printed

Back in the days of typewriters, when we wanted to type the name of a book, we did a bunch of backspaces, then underlined the title.

In these days of word processors, with formatting only a click away, the correct way to type the name of a whole book or other stand-alone publication is to use italics. For example, this passage from the email newsletter New Atlas:

In a study published in the journal Neuron, the team showed that at a frequency of 50 Hz, electrical stimulation of the central lateral thalamus, a region once thought of mainly as a relay, amplification and processing station, was able to pull macaque monkeys out of an anesthetized state and elicit normal waking behaviors.

Here’s a picture:

The central lateral thalamus is found deep in the center of the brain, close to the brain stem
“Researchers find a ‘cosciousness switch’ deep in the Brain”

Suppose you print the title of an article inside a publication. Put that title in quotes, which I did under the picture.

These two rules appeared before the widespread use of the internet, but I haven’t seen a change to those rules.

This led me to ask what the rule is for documents that didn’t exist before the internet. What about websites? Um, such as New Atlas? For what it’s worth, the USGPO Style Manual for 2016 says to set websites in Roman. I confess that I like the idea of using italics for things like online newsletters. Have you seen this discussed anywhere?

An Old Lesson

I made this point back before the internet, when I first started writing. I don’t think I’ve run into this point since! Be careful with pointless metaphors:

…except I said not to do this. Say the note (or email now, I guess) is from you, not your desk!

Get Your “Kinds” to Agree

“Kind” is singular, “kinds” is plural, right? And “this” and “that” are singular and “these” and “those” are plurals. Right? Right! Then make them agree!

Last panel in the middle row. She gets it wrong.

It’s “those kinds,” Luann! Thank you, Mrs. Clemens, for teaching me this. I learned a lot in sixth grade…

Another Correct Use of “Comprise”

“Is comprised of” is one of the worst pretentiousisms out there, and one that bugs me the most. Don’t ever say it!

Here’s the rule:

When you’re talking about a whole thing and its parts, compose goes from the parts to the whole, and comprise goes from the whole to its parts.

Here’s a guy who got it right:

OVER 5,000 YEARS AGO IN what is today Slovakia, a Neolithic community erected a new building. It wasn’t the first “longhouse” in Vráble, an early town comprising about 100 buildings in all.

I mentioned this topic before. For more examples, use the search box in the upper right.

Here’s a picture:

PS—Just ran into another correct usage:

Another example is Isabel de Olvera, a free woman of African descent, who in 1600 went on an expedition to New Spain (a region comprising present-day New Mexico, Arizona, Florida and other parts of North and South America), in search of trade goods and new places to settle.