Another Singular “Them”

Sometimes English uses “them,” “they,” or “their” (all plurals) when a good singular form doesn’t make sense. I haven’t run into this exact usage before, (last panel) so I thought I’d share.

So there you have it. Is it right or wrong?

How To Remove Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a byproduct and a pollutant gas. It is produced by various industrial processes. These include oil drilling and various other such processes. This is a health hazard and inhaling large quantities of this gas could lead to unconsciousness and even death in a few cases. There are instances where even inhaling of small quantities could lead to health challenges and many physically weak persons could also face the danger of death or permanent disability. Hydrogen sulfide gives out a foul odor that resembles a rotten-egg. It is very powerful and can be noticed even in small quantities of 2 parts per billion. This is perhaps equal to around 1 milliliter of gas in a lecture hall that can seat 100 people. Hence, it is quite important to find out ways to neutralize this gas during and after the completion of the manufacturing and other processes.

 How Is Neutralization Done?

 Sodium bicarbonate solution is considered one of the best options for neutralizing Hydrogen sulfate. Sodium bicarbonate in the recommended quantities has to be dissolved in water. There are a few other salts such as potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate which also could work. Sodium bicarbonate is the best option because it is very stable and highly soluble in water. It works well in small quantities. A solution of sodium bicarbonate of 0.01 grams to 0.25 grams per mole of water is good enough to neutralize hydrogen sulfide.

 The Right Process Has To Be Followed

 There are some laid down protocols, methods, and processes when it comes to removing hydrogen sulfide from different sources. The same must be followed strictly. It would always be advisable to have this process done by professionals rather than trying it yourself. A gas containing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide should be brought in contact with water that is laden with baking soda or calcium bicarbonate. This can be done in many ways including spraying of the water solution over the container that contains hydrogen sulfide amongst other gaseous substances. You could also send the gas bubbling through a vessel holding the water that has the right mixture of sodium bicarbonate.

 It Is Complex And Difficult

 However, we need to bear in mind that it is a highly complex and difficult job and doing it without the right protection and expertise would not be the best way forward. Many professionals could help in finding out the right solution and approach that could help in removing hydrogen sulfide from biogas, water, oil and other sources. There are also other absorbents in the form of powder and liquids that could also be tried out. But at the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that it is essential and vital to ensure that the main product is made free during and after the manufacturing and conversion process. The harmful side effects are quite dangerous and they have been mentioned earlier in the article. Hence, there cannot be any compromise on this under any circumstances. Professional approach with the right tools and methods is the best way forward



Another Bad Compound

The last post was about an incorrect compound verb. This compound is bad, but it’s not quite incorrect!

The problem is to figure out what the compound verb is. two choices:

  • Devouring you and establishing an interstellar base (This is correct)
  • I assume your identity and then establishing an interstellar base

You shouldn’t insert another verb between the parts of your compound, which is what the monster did.

Maybe that’s why he didn’t’ get the job.

Compound Verbs are Parallel

Well, compound verbs are supposed to be parallel. Meaning they have the same tense, person, and so on.

Here’s an example of not doing it:

So this (last panel) is a compound verb: “We should have bought and gave.” (shudder)

Gave??? Nah. Given! He started with a present perfect, so he should have finished with the present perfect, (should have) given, not the simple past, gave.

Don’t you do that.

Importance Of Call Track Software

Though ideally not the best solution, there could be situations and occasions where it might become necessary to track calls. This is becoming essential rather than being a choice for marketing companies. In a highly competitive environment, we have companies chasing the same customers for the same products and services. Hence, only those companies who have the right marketing tools and techniques will be able to stand apart from the crowd and beat the competition. A good customer service call tracking software is becoming essential because of several reasons. Those who are new to marketing in general and online marketing in particular,  may not be aware of the need to track customer calls.  We are sharing below a few reasons that perhaps could make us understand the growing importance of having a good phone call tracking software backed by the right human resources.

 It Helps To Improve Communication

 You might have the best of products and services but unless you can communicate it effectively and help your prospective customers to see value in your products and services, you may not be able to make much of a headway. To meet this objective, having advanced call tracking software is always a good idea. You will be able to understand the specific needs, buying habits, buying patterns and other such information if you can track calls and listen to them later. The discussions that have taken place during such calls can be shared by the marketing team and experts in this field will be able to give the right feedback and suggestions.

 It Can Help Manage Calls In One Center

 Today you have call centers that have dozens or even scores of executives and all of them could be sitting in one center. This helps in centralizing the whole marketing operations under one roof. Managing the executives, fire-fighting difficult and emergencies and being proactive rather than being reactive are a few reasons why call tracking software is considered extremely important and vital.

 It Also Could Be Used As A Text Messaging Platform

 Call tracking that is effective and well-organized can also double up as a text messaging platform. It could make your entire telephonic marketing more effective and also bring down costs quite significantly. Quality software allows clients to get feedback within the shortest period, once the call has been made. The feedback with the required information is sent by way of text messages and this is automated and done without manual intervention. It makes the customer happy when he or she is about to decide on a product or service. Further, after the sale has been completed such an automated message sent using call tracking software adds more comfort to the customers. It helps them to build trust and confidence with the company and its products and services.

 It Helps To Devise Promotional Offers

 If companies are planning special promotional offers and other such things for customers, they should do so by targeting the right customers, at the right time and the right place. Having the best of call tracking software could help in designing and delivering the best promotional offer without too much of a struggle.

Breast Augmentation: Important Things You Need To Know

Breast augmentation is one of the forms of cosmetic surgery. This surgery is done for increasing the size of your breast or for improving its shape. Many women have claimed that this surgery made them feel more confident about themselves. It is also known as ‘breast aug’ or breast implant. This procedure can be done by a cosmetic surgeon who is a specialist in this field. Sometimes after pregnancy or weight reduction, the breast volume and shape is lost. In this case, a breast aug surgery can be quite helpful for retaining the right shape and volume. This surgery can:

  • Increase the projection as well as the fullness of your breasts.
  • Improve and correct balance of hip and breast contours
  • Enhance the self-confidence and self-image.

Different implants used

There are different types of breast implants that are used during the breast augmentation surgery for enhancing the shape of the breasts. One of the kinds is silicone breast implants in OKC that have elastic gel in them. This can make your breast soft just like the natural breasts. You can choose from the different shapes and sizes of the implants available. These silicones are filled with a gel just before the procedure begins.
Another one is the saline implant which is filled with sterile water instead of the silicone or gel. This sterile water is safe for your body. In case this saline implant ruptures, the water can be easily absorbed into your body. It doesn’t have any negative or harmful effects. The saline implants is mainly filled during or sometimes before the procedure starts. This also feels less natural than that of the silicone implant. You will find it much firmer than the silicone one.

How the procedure is done?

Before the breast augmentation surgery starts, you will go through a blood test first. Your doctor will definitely need to know if you are taking any medication. So, you have to tell all the medicines that you take. Based on that, you will be asked to continue or discontinue the medicines. After some tests, you will be ready for the surgery. Once it is done, there are many more things that you have to notice. Post-surgery, swelling and soreness is quite common to happen. Even you can notice some bruises too. You can expect these scars to gradually fade with time. But they may not disappear completely. When healing, you will be instructed with a dozen of dos and don’ts. You have to follow each of them and make sure that you are not doing something which is told not be done.


Few weeks after the breast augmentation are very crucial. Also, you need to have a clear idea about what you want to do. As mentioned above, there are different types of implants and shapes. You need to decide on what is right for you. Even you need to choose the right size that you want to have for your breasts. It is better to discuss with the top plastic surgeons in OKC about the shapes, sizes and types of implants way before the surgery starts. The surgeon will have a clear idea about what you are exactly looking for.

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Double Negatives

English has two kinds of double negatives. I’ll call them incorrect and correct. Maybe we could call the incorrect type of double negative “low class,” and the correct double negative “polite” or “high falootin’.”

Here’s a couple incorrect usages:

  • I don’t got no money.
  • There ain’t no place we can hide
  • You shouldn’t use no bad grammar

Examples of correct usage:

  • Polite double negatives are not infrequently found in older conversations.
  • I’m not unopposed to going to the opera with you
  • He is not unlike his brother
  • I’m not indifferent to bad grammar

And then there’s overkill, as demonstrated in this cartoon, which I’m posting because of the grammar, not because of the politics.

I counted six negatives in that one.

Don’t Use Weak Verbs

If you can, avoid using “make,” “do,” and any form of “to be” in your writing. Those verbs are ambiguous, and ambiguity is the enemy of good writing. Except in poetry and lies.

Here’s an example with “make.”

I admit, the choices aren’t graceful.

  • Manufacture them fast enough
  • Engineer them to go fast enough

But what matters is that you not be ambiguous!

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Glass Repair Company

Whether it is repairing the broken window of your car panes, or installing new window glass panes for your home, there is no doubt that identifying the right glass repair company and professional is an important decision. Glass panes apart from being extremely expensive are also required for the safety and comfort of the entire home. However, if you look around and do your research, you will come across dozens of such glass repair companies in Oklahoma City. Therefore, unless you are well informed and knowledgeable, it is quite obvious that you will end up making mistakes when it comes to choosing these professionals. We are happy to share a few important characteristics and features that differentiate the good from the not so good. In other words, we are listing below the main qualities of a good window, door and glass repair company.

 Prompt Services

 This is one of the most important qualities of any bathroom, kitchen, or home door and window panel repair professionals. Damaged windows and doors are not only uncomfortable especially in winter days, but they also become a big security concern. Hence, quality window repair professionals offer same-day-service and in many cases, they are at the doorsteps of their customers within a few hours. Therefore, you must always look for professionals who have the required infrastructure and wherewithal for offering same day services.

 Right Infrastructure And People

 There is no doubt that window glass repairing, installation, and other such jobs require good skill sets. There also would be the need for having the right infrastructure in terms of materials and other such things. Though there could be some DIY books and articles on the internet, most of them are written by experts who carry with them years of experience. Hence, it is quite obvious that they will offer good practical lessons but when it comes to implementing it on the ground, there could be many difficulties along the way.

 Original Products

 There is a term known as an original equipment manufacturer and this applies to window materials, door materials, panes, panels, fixtures, and fittings. Quality window and door manufacturing companies offer the best quality products that are certified to be original. This ensures proper fitting of the windows and the glasses and panes will exactly match the other fixtures and fittings that you may have in your home or office.

Insurance And License

 Window repair and door repair often involves working under difficult and hazardous environments. Hence, the workers must be fully protected as per law. They must be adequately covered under insurance and reputed glass and window pane replacement companies never lose sight of the same under any circumstances. They ensure that the firm, the employees and also the customers and other stakeholders are on the right side of the law under any situations and circumstances.

 Warranty & Guarantee

 They also offer warranty and guarantee for the products, services, and workmanship that they offer to their valued customers. This is made part of the contract and the terms and conditions of such warranties and guarantees are always clear and unambiguous.

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Another Subjunctive Lesson

I picked this up on Memorial Day, hence the topic. But it’s a good example of not using the subjunctive when you’re supposed to.

The “if” makes the sentence contrary to reality, so you should use the subjunctive form of the verb, “were.” If only it were this easy.

Speaking as a pedant, using a pronoun (it) is frequently bad writing, even when using a pronoun is grammatical. What would you supply in place of the “it”?