Vocabulary Lesson

I don’t generally post two consecutive comics, but these are on the same topic. You know these words, right?


Okay, supply some definitions:

Tautology (you caught the “no not” and “unintentional accident,” right?)

Why Should You Choose a Professional Siding Contractor?

Siding is an important part of securing your house as well as it makes your house look attractive. Excellent siding and proper installation will secure your house from the substances and it will highlight your house from the rest of the houses in the neighbourhood. To attain these goals and to save money, some people appoint DIY methods and they decide to install the siding. Even though it is a good way to save money still you should choose a professional Oklahoma City siding contractor. It is advised to leave the installation work on professional siding contractors as they have better knowledge and experience. You will have peace and by chance, something goes wrong then these professional contractors are there to correct it.

Reasons why you should choose a professional siding contractor

No requirement to take a leave

A siding project may need a few weeks depending upon the weather. If you try to install it on your own then you have to take your work, family, and weather into account. It can take up to months to finish the installation. But if you appoint a professional siding contractor then it will save you time.  No need to take leave from your job.

They have the knowledge

Collecting the materials and participating in the installation are two unique things. Professional siding contractors have the mastery to pick the correct sort of siding for your home and they have more have good experience in installation. It is advised not to install siding on your own if you little or no knowledge.

Getting permits

Depending on where you stay, you may need to get a grant before beginning any siding work. This can be tedious and disturbing. In any case, if that professional siding repair companies in OKC does it, that is one less thing that you need to stress over. They have expertise in code prerequisites and they will have the option to get any license if needed.

Professional contractors stand by their work

If you do it and something turns out badly, you have no guarantee for your work so you need to fix the issue yourself. On the off chance that professional contractors do it and something turns out badly, they will fix the issue immediately.


If you need only one reason to employ an expert siding contractor, it may include that you won’t need to do any hard work, cutting and levelling. Furthermore, with the extra installers close by, siding substitution should be possible in a shorter time, which implies you can make the most of your new siding with your family very soon.

Professionals have correct tools

If you don’t have the correct tools required then installing siding on your own will mean that you may have to purchase new tools. This would end up not utilizing those tools in years. Hiring professional contractors eliminates the need to purchase new tools.

They provide warranty coverage

Purchasing the siding materials on your own could be a problem. If difficulties arise in the installation process then you will have to correct it. But if you hire a professional then this problem does not arise.

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I Seldom See this Done Correctly!

—So I’d better call attention to it. Even though the speaker got everything else wrong.


“All right” is always two words, folks! “Already” can be one word, though.

A Bad Headline

Headlines are notorious for being misleading. They use oversimplification and distortion, mainly, I think. Many headlines amount to clickbait. I recall a recent series of articles that said Mt. Vesuvius had turned one victim’s brain into glass. What had actually happened was the heat had vitrified a couple patches of brain tissue next to the inside of the person’s skull. A few bits of overcooked tissue is not the same as turning the brain into glass!

This headline is bad for another reason: the punctuation is wrong, and it makes the headline misleading.

New Nanoparticle Eats Away At Heart Attack Causing Plaques

Interesting Engineering, Jan 31, 2020

The first time I read this, I supplied a comma after “attack.” A nanoparticle eats away at heart attacks? It causes plaques?

Okay, I can understand using the singular to refer to many of one type of thing, so I’ll give the writer a pass on that. But compound adjectives should be hyphenated! The headline should say “heart-attack-causing plaques.” The nanoparticles eat away at the plaques—plaques that cause heart attacks no less.

So think about your adjectives. Remember, if people can misinterpret something, they will.

Here’s an artist’s conception of this:

New Nanoparticle Eats Away At Heart Attack Causing Plaques

Good Communication is Important

Scott Meyer does a pretty good job of illustrating meaningful content with nonsense. So ignore their conversation (unless you want a few laughs) and pay attention to the headings of the panels.


How Often Should You Wash Your Car

One of the most important and major investments can be your car. So you will want to maintain it properly to enjoy its convenience for a long time. Washing your car frequently can be an easier way to maintain its looks for a long time. You can keep your car clean in different ways including using a sponge and a bucket of cleaning solution to do it yourself or by calling a car wash service in Norman OK. But do you know why it is important to wash your car frequently?

Reasons to wash the car frequently

You spend a lot of money not only on buying your car but also on maintaining it year after year. You changed its oil, replaced its transmission fluid, replaced its tires, as well as got its brakes repaired to keep it in proper running condition along with maintaining its looks for a long time. In this way, you spend a lot of money on your car every year to protect the money you have invested on it initially.

You can easily and effectively protect your investment just by washing it regularly because the first thing people will see is the looks of your car. The color of your vehicle is faded up or it is covered with dust and dirt then the value of your vehicle in their eyes will drop as you have not taken care of your car. You can avoid such things very easily and inexpensively just by washing your car regularly.

Common problems faced by your car

When you use your car regularly then it can naturally get dirty to some extent along with facing a few problems, which you may not know.

The undercarriage of your car can damage with time if you live in the area having slated roads during winter or in the coastal region as salt will accumulate on it.

The paint of your car can flake out as well as look horrible and its body can decay with time if thin pieces of wood, bird dropping or tree saps fall on it regularly, if you live in a wooded area.

All these issues can considerably damage your car and lower its value if you do not wash it regularly.

Frequency of washing the car

Though it is important to wash the car regularly but it is also important for you to know how frequently you should mobile car wash in OKC.  Normally, it is recommended to wash the car twice a month or as you think suitable. You can increase or decrease the frequency depending upon circumstances. You can increase the frequency of washing your car if you live in any of the conditions discussed above. On the other hand, if you use your car occasionally and keep it in your garage then you need not wash it regularly. The main thing that matters is that you should maintain the external looks of your car by washing it frequently. It will help you in protecting your investment in a very inexpensive and easiest way.

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Some Postpositive Adjectives

Adjectives in English almost always appear before the word they modify, but sometimes they appear afterwards. This happens so seldom, we have a word for them: postpositives. A few weeks ago, a site I have recommended several times, A Word A Day, featured several.

ad litem
to be

You probably recognize them. Do the nouns they usually go after come to mind? If you need help, go to https://wordsmith.org/awad/archives.html#2020 (hint: several are legal terms.)

Here’s a picture of a poet laureate. See the crown of laurel?


Things To Consider While Buying Golf Skirts For Women

Golf is one of the most prominent and popular sports all across the world. Both women and men play this game. Though every game comes with some rules and regulations, the golf must be played in proper clothes. There is a particular dress code when it comes to playing golf. If you are a woman and want to play golf, then you have to either wear skirts or trousers to play. It is important to select the right ladies golf skirts. To choose the right type of skirt, there are some of the important factors to consider.

Factors to consider for choosing the right type of skirt

There are some essential criteria to consider for choosing the ideal women skirt for playing golf. Here are some of the important factors:

  1. Fit of the skirt: The fit of the skirt is an essential factor to consider when choosing the right skirt for playing golf. Too much fitted or too much loose skirt with flowy nature is not allowed. You have to choose the right fit which is neither too loose nor too tight. A-line fit skirt is ideal for this game. But make sure it goes perfectly well according to the dos and don’ts of the golf dress code.
  2. Length of the skirt: Another important factor that you may have to consider is the length. Too short skirts are not allowed in the game. Even skirts below knees are also not allowed in the game. Ideally the length of the skirt must be somewhere 2 to 3 inches above the knees. You can choose the length based on this height according to what makes you more comfortable.
  3. Design of the skirt: The next thing that you have to consider is the design of the skirt. You have to make sure that you are choosing the best design. Mainly subtle designs are ideal for the golf skirt. You need to avoid skirts that come with bold designs. It is better to choose a skirt that comes with minimalist designs, preferably solid colors.
  4. Color of the skirt: The color of the skirt must be soft or subtle. Mostly the color should be a neutral one i.e. white or beige. You need to understand that the bold or bright colors are not allowed for the skirts. You need to choose the pleated golf skirts very carefully, especially when it comes to color.


These are some of the best ways to ensure that you are buying one of the best golf skirts for women. There are many online and offline stores that sell the best women skirts for playing golf. You can choose one of the best ones from that collection. If you want, you can apply the filter to narrow down your choices to a great extent such as specific colors, size, length of the skirt etc. You need to wear the right size and color of your skirt when playing the golf. Choose the ideal one and make sure that it is comfortable to wear.

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A Neologism

A neologism is a word that you (or someone) made up to fit a circumstance that doesn’t have a word. Here’s a pretty good example.


It’s a bit long, but it has a pretty good ring to it, and I think the definition is pretty good, too.

This kind of word is also called a portmanteau word: Two (or more) words combined to make a new word, in this case blunder and catastrophe.